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What is Better than Video for Getting Traffic?

The answer is: probably nothing!

Views and watches for scifi video
Views and watches for free scifi book Running video

We have been building video adverts for three years now. We typically see in increase in views for a product from in the order of 100 for an image to 1000 for a video, rising to 40 or 50,000 for a well constructed video that is part of a campaign. See the two images below, which show facebook views and plays for two video adverts we made for author Lazlo Ferran.

As you can see there are two different figures for each video – the people reached and the views. The views in Facebook’s lexicon is the number of people who actually watched the video and even this is in the order of 4000 people!

I bet you would like that number of people reading all about your product? Yes? Well, you can achieve it! Here are 10 great tips for creating customer-winning videos.

Views and accesses for scifi book Worlds Like Dust advert
Views and accesses for scifi book Worlds Like Dust advert

10 Tip for Creating Great Videos

  1. Forget other packages – Microsoft PowerPoint is good enough to create customer-winning adverts and has many great features.
  2. Keep it to less than 30 seconds. This is the maximum allowed on Twitter and if you ever do a video ad on Instagram, 30 seconds is the maximum there too (yes, I know they only allow 15 seconds for normal video posts!).
  3. Once you are happy with it, save your video as a Windows Media Player file and upload to YouTube.
  4. Set your audience to ‘Private’ when you upload and keep it that way until you have finished editing on YouTube.
  5. Add music from the free library offered by YouTube when you edit the video. Check the box ‘Show ad-supporting songs’ at the bottom of the list of random choices presented by YouTube to see many more, and in my view often better, pieces of music.
  6. Add as many keywords as you can and make them relevant!
  7. When you are happy and publish it, make the most of the small box on the right of the video settings page for a message to your viewers. You can put a link to your product here. YouTube boosts the visibility of newly published videos, so this is a good opportunity to get free traffic.
  8. See how much traffic you get for your video. Watch the figure for the average viewing time for the video. If it is less than 50% (ie people watching only to the half way point of the video), consider making some changes. Anything more than 80% is very good.
  9. When you feel the video is good as you can get it, download it as an MP4 file, using Freemake Video Converter (which I have found to be the best free software for this task). You can then directly upload the video to both Facebook and Twitter. You can just add the YouTube link to an advert but it doesn’t display so well and  you don’t get the option to add keywords.
  10. Don’t be afraid to go back and edit the file at any time. I often have to try different music and text to get the best effect. In an example recently, one word was making people stop watching at 14 seconds. I changed it and – problem solved!

Is that it then?

There are many other things which experience has shown are critical to getting your message across! These are things we have learned over the last  3 years.

If you want us to create a video for you, drop us a line on the contact form. We charge just $100 for creating a video, as long as you choose the music (this is the most time-consuming part for us!). If you want us to do it all for you, that’s still only $150. Both prices are bargains! And we’ll throw in a 10% reduction for your first video. So get in touch today!

Here’s one we created more recently for Lazlo Ferran.


Watch it on YouTube here to see the annotations, which are a very persuasive addition, but only work on

How do you Optimize Amazon Product Pages?

This week sees the first of a short series of articles about optimizing Amazon product pages.

Discoverability is a key factor in getting traffic to your product page and getting traffic is a problem we all face. Amazon don’t make it any easier by not reporting what traffic you actually do get, so its important to know you are doing the best job possible for your product.

It may seem a strange idea to try and optimize your Amazon product page. All the content is controlled by Amazon, isn’t it? Well ,yes and no. Actually Amazon uses the same basic software for its searches as Google and what is more they allow you to enter things like keywords for your books or products. Below is a screen grab showing the ranking for an independent author, whom we recently helped with their optimization. We started work on the 27 December. As you can see, the benefits are a halving or rank, which equates roughly to twice as many sales.

Amazon rank for an independent author
Amazon rank for an independent author

So how did we do this?

We spent three sessions, of about an hour each, spread over three days, working with the author to find out all about their books and made 5 Key Changes to their books and product pages. The author, who wishes to retain anonymity, told us. “I didn’t think such a big change could be made without compromising my ‘image’ with my readers. I am more than happy with the results.”

We achieved all this without doing anything Amazon doesn’t allow. You too can have such an improvement with very little effort.

What did it cost?

In this case, the author was not very familiar with concepts like ‘discoverability’ and  ‘keywords,’  so we walked them through it very much step by step. The total cost for the three hourly sessions, which included a report the author can use to optimise future products, came to came to $100.

For Amazon sellers with a deeper understanding of internet technologies, we can achieve the same results with a one hour session, which includes a crib-sheet detailing the 5 Key Changes you need to make. The cost is only $30.

Don’t ask us to tell you the 5 Key Changes here! They have been developed after over 20 years’ experience building and working with search engines and over 10 years’ experience with Amazon.

Some of these techniques are used by others, some not. In our next article we will talk about using Videos to promote your product.

If you want to know more, drop us a line using the contact form.


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WordPress SEO Optimization Manual
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Another success story – Beyond Feelings therapy website

We recently took on the challange of getting Nerine O’Connor onto google page 1 of results for her Beyond Feelings therapy website.

Nerine had been using a bespoke website built for her for a few years with little if any increase in enquiries coming from the web. She asked us to help her develop her online presence.

First of all, we suggested Nerine switch to WordPress as a platform for her website. She agreed but felt unable to do the work herself so we built a website for her using WordPress in just a couple of days.

Next, we suggested seven keywords she should use and applied them to the website, using WordPress’s category and keyword tools. At first the results were okay but the her website only appeared on page 3 of the Google results. We added two new terms.

The results speak for themselves. Here is a screen grab of Google page 1 results which we got by putting in three of the search terms we suggested for her business:

Beyond Feelings therapy website at #1 on Google
Beyond Feelings therapy website at #1 on Google

Here is Nerine’s testimonial.
Steve has been very helpful, professional and reliable and has encouraged me to develop my business online. What he has achieved in terms of getting me on page 1 for google ranking in a short period of time is wonderful!
Take a look at the Beyond Feelings website, which SEO King created very quickly and easily using WordPress.

If you want us to do something similar for you, click on the menu icon top right and fill in the contact form now!

Example of How we do SEO – Week #7

SEO Search Engine Optimization Car
SEO Search Engine Optimization Car
SEO for Lazlo Ferran – thriller and scifi writer and editor – Week #7


After only 7 weeks, we now have a Google result for Lazlo Ferran on the search term ‘scifi editor’ on Page 1! No fakes, no tricks. It is really there! See for yourself below. Of course, we will continue to work with Lazlo to get even higher rankings and to get results for his term ‘thriller editor’ on Page 1 as well but basically we achieved what we set out to do. Our techniques work! If you want the same sort of benefit, click on the down arrow, top right in the header and fill in the contact form.

Lazlo Ferran week 6 - results on Google for term  scifi editor
Lazlo Ferran week 6 – results on Google for term scifi editor

Example of how we do SEO – Week #6

SEO Search Engine Optimization Car
SEO Search Engine Optimization Car
SEO for Lazlo Ferran – thriller and scifi writer and editor – Week #6

Six weeks ago, we first told you about our progress to get Google search results for Lazlo Ferran – Scifi and Thriller Editor, onto page 1.

We have made yet more progress. You can now find an entry for Lazlo Ferran on Page 2 (result #22) for the term ‘thriller editor.’

How have we done this?

Lazlo Ferran – Google results for thriller editor – week 6
Lazlo Ferran – Google results for thriller editor – week 6

If you look closely at the picture on the right, you will see that the link is to a tag page for Lazlo Ferran’s blog; that is, google has returned a result for a page which it considers has a high rank for the word thriller. Nobody really knows how Google’s algorithms work, and if anybody outside the company says they do, they are lying, but we think it’s because we added the word ‘edited’ in the text AND because the post already has a comment. Comment always help improve SEO ranking of a blog post. We have now added the word ‘editor’ into the text and added the tag of ‘editor’ as well, in the hope that the page will get an even higher ranking. Stay tuned.

Example of how we do SEO – Week #4

SEO for Lazlo Ferran – thriller and scifi writer and editor – Week #4

Two weeks ago, we first told you about our progress to get Google search results for Lazlo Ferran – Scifi and Thriller Editor onto page 1.

Lazlo Ferran – Google results for scifi editor – week 4
Lazlo Ferran – Google results for scifi editor – week 4

Lazlo Ferran – Google results for thriller editor – week 4
Lazlo Ferran – Google results for thriller editor – week 4

Click images to expand.

The results are good. The author felt that the search term ‘freelance’ was less relevant and that he wanted to try simply ‘scfi editor’ and ‘thriller editor’ to compete in the wider market. We knew this would be a tougher ask for SEO. As you will see, the market for ‘thriller editor’ produces more than 13,000,000 results!

As you can see, the ‘scifi editor’ result has is actually one place better than before, which is great, but what is more surprising is that an image of one of his books now appears at #15, which is fantastic.

The ‘thriller editor’ result is lower than ‘freelance thriller editor’ at #28 but this is  outstanding, considering how competitive these shorter terms are. As you can see from the image, there are 13,800,000 results for this term  compared with 402,000 results for ‘freelance thriller editor.’

All round, the results are excellent. Come back in 4 weeks’ time to see if we can do even better.

Want to see an example of how we do SEO?

SEO for Lazlo Ferran – thriller and scifi writer and editor – Week #2

Let’s put our money where our mouth is and track an actual project of ours, which we will call the Lazlo Ferran Project. Lazlo Ferran is a scifi/thriller writer and wants to get business as an editor. He has a blog/wesbite – – and 14 days ago we applied new keywords to elements of his website. Here are the results so far:

Lazlo Ferran - Google results for scifi editor - week 2
Lazlo Ferran – Google results for scifi editor – week 2

Lazlo Ferran - Google results for thriller editor - week 2
Lazlo Ferran – Google results for thriller editor – week 2

Click images to expand.

Great! So far his website comes up #15 out of 749,000 for the search term ‘freelance scfi editor‘ and #21 out of 402,000 results for the search term ‘freelance thriller editor.’ Obviously, being even at the top of page 3 of the results is not as good as we would like and searchers will only reach page 3 when they are very determined to find a solution, but it’s a start. See how we do over the next few months as we modify and improve the keywords we are using and change the configuration of the website if necessary.

Want some SEO for your wesbite for the amazing price of just £10? Click on the menu arrow top right and complete the contact form to get started.